Jun 17

Inspiration For Change


Pick a card, any card.

Step right up and save the humans!

There’s plenty to be done and no time to be bored. Harness the collective synergy of your community today!

Get money out of politics, moratorium on GMO foods, decriminalize drugs, forgive student debt, repeal the death penalty, less privatization and commercialization, end the surveillance state (yet inspect more than 3% of incoming cargo), use permaculture design, ban nukes, stop the farm bill, stop subsidizing polluters and dark energy, flat tax, occupy Wall Street, break media monopolies, go open source, teach practical knowledge in school, save public schools, go organic and vegetarian and fast, plant food forests, invest in global village, develop third generation biofuels and expand all renewable, maintain the commons, protect all species, practice fair trade, use resource based economics, festival!, get sustainable and then thrive in love as one people exploring space in peace,

for all of time.