Dec 27

Learning as if school was never closed


Cascading canyon walls and trees block the sounds of the humid city streets

Here in the natural world is where I can truly think

Undistracted by the pollution and form fitting institutions

All of us have a piece of the solutions

Learning as if school was never closed

As if we didn’t graduate and there is such a long way to go

With integration in mind, we pull together all the pieces

Body, mind and spirit face-to-face with community; responsibilities and freedoms

It all begins with my health and strength of immunity

What kind of food I’m eating and how flexible are my knees

When I am properly functioning then… my world comes in

My reality.

It allows me to reflect and begin the tasks of reversing material waste,

Transmuting poisons and raising awareness

Charting the scale of toxic and tonic environments

Vibrational grid is pulsing with my own heartbeat now

As I purify, the mother sighs and blossoms with relief