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I want to share my inspirations, my work and my dreams with you.
By using multimedia, stories can be told that hold the keys to our future.

These are our idea seeds and some have already sprouted!

Constant learning is an underlying theme in this ever-changing world. However, on a world with poor design and faulty engineering, humans now create waste and fuel wars to overcome a lack of imagination. People are finding common ground by stepping back to ancient ways, sustainable technologies and a more permanent culture that appreciates connections between all earthlings- creatures big and small.

Humans are engaged in healing the planet and themselves through changing their perspective to what is right for the whole with the perspective of future generations.

Compassionate markets and democratic representation is possible when business is driven by more than profit; when people and the planet are the bottom line. Where creativity and caring are a currency more valuable than dollars, the needed change naturally comes together in synergy with that which is much greater than ourselves.

For a future that we co-create, despite our differences, we must meet our global community with kindness, gratitude and a new sense of trust. True strength of integrity will overcome all displays of power if we come together to build the future by design and continue to give our best to our aspirations and inspirations.

Please enjoy my co-creations posted on this site and let me know how I can be of service to you.

         In Breath, Brian D. Smiley 2014 – email:


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